Indicator Packages for TradingView

All Packages include a Study and a Strategy Part. The Studies trigger Entry and Exit Alerts, so all of them can be automated with autoview. "free" version of autoview is included. License-checks are disabled - all Crypto-Exchanges can be used - unlimited!

Use the Packages to support your discretionary Trading or build you personalized (Crypto-) Trading Bot


"The Trend is your Friend" is a popular quote and Day-Traders, as well as long-term Investors, build their Strategies on top of this  Mantra.
Leverage this Principle by using AutoTrendTrader to ride the Trend and let your Profits run!
Get Email-Alerts with your customized buy and sell signals, or use autoview to trigger and exit the trades.


Reliable Alerts on Trend Reversals. Get my most popular Divergence indicator now - the famous Jeddingen Divergence v4 Study is inlcuded too!
Did you ever wanted to have a reliable indicator to spot trend reversals? Explore divergences to identify profitable Trading Opportunities.


Reliable Alerts on Arbitrage Opportunities. Introductory Price for my new Indicator Package!

Did you ever want a reliable indicator to spot Arbitrage or diverging Price Movements?
Explore and leverage those Divergences, Arbitrage and Market Dysfunctionalities to make high Profits.
Get Email-Alerts with your customized buy and sell signals, or use autoview to trigger and exit the trades.

Trendlines / TD Lines

Reliable Alerts on Trendline-Breaks - based (but no official implementation!) on concepts and strategies of Tom DeMark.
Use the Power of Trendlines without the need to draw them on your own!
Combine multiple Styles of Take Profit, Trailing Stops and Stop Loss to create sophisticated Strategies.